Safety appraisal of many different houses

Safety appraisal of many different houses

With the rapid development of urban construction in our country, the judgment of the quality and safety of houses in China has also improved, but there are still many questions. The practice is not very operable and it is a phony, which has not caused the local government's attention. Therefore, strengthening the inspection and judgment of house quality and safety has become a practical issue. Let's witness the introduction of various types of house safety appraisal together:

1. House safety judgment

The inspection target is mainly for the houses built in the 1950s and later. It is a common safety judgment inspection and it is also the most common type of house safety. The degree of clutter judged is determined according to the actual situation of the site. This type of house is usually affected by the elements of the operating environment.

2. Judgment of normal house availability

房子 This type of house judges whether it is important to think whether it affects the normal usability of the user, such as damaged decoration, water leakage, empty drums, etc. In the survey, more emphasis is placed on the review of drawings and the on-site practical environment. Usually, property rights supplementation may change the function of the house, etc. This type of house judgment is often made.

3. Safety Judgment of House Reconstruction Structure

房子 This type of house is mainly used to transform the overall structure of the interior or to build a new house to increase the load. The main point of the judgment is to review and check whether it has affected the whole house before and after the transformation, and whether it meets the requirements of the standard.

4. Safety judgment of house components

This type of judgment carries out a safety judgment on some individual components, such as whether the individual components such as concrete beams, slabs, and columns of the house demolition have an impact on the system of the house, and whether there will be traces of damage and development. determination.

5. Urgent determination of house security emergencies

需求 Demand for house damage caused by earthquakes, fires, gas blasts, and external influences determines the degree of severe damage to the house according to the actual conditions of the scene at the first time, and contact the corresponding inspection project to summarize whether the house is dangerous. This type of judgment requires sufficient preparation work, can be stationed at the scene at any time, and has corresponding emergency rescue plans and remedial measures.

6. Risk house and house damage judgment

When referring to the standards, the "Risk House Judgment Standard" (JGJ125 -99) is often applicable to houses with certain systems but unreasonable information, such as brick and wood houses with a long history. Regular, non-systematic non-standard house. Therefore, judging the punctuality should reasonably select the standard basis and judging method according to the actual situation of the site.

7. Judicial house safety appraisal

This type often occurs in civil disputes and is entrusted by the court. It requires the parties to cooperate with each other to determine the inspection work, especially for the on-site inspection work, which requires negotiating and agreeing, and for the on-site inspection to check the project quality. Viewing the results should be recognized by both parties.

8. Judgment of seismic safety of houses

Affected by the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake's damage to Chinese houses, the share of seismic safety judgments for houses has been increasing year by year in recent years. The continuous implementation of various revised standards for seismic content in the past two years is sufficient to confirm the attention of the Ministry of Construction to seismic determination. In the determination process, the concrete structure and masonry structure occupy a large share, which is the key to the judgment investigation for the structural function and structure system.

9. Judgment of safety impact of houses around construction

This type of house safety appraisal is usually divided into three periods of judgement, namely the initial survey decision (house safety appraisal before construction), periodic safety judgement (house safety appraisal during construction), and final safety judgement (after project construction) , Usually the foundation pit is constructed to plus or minus zero). According to the construction plan, the real-time tracking judgment and inspection operations are carried out, and if any doubt is found, early warning is provided. This type of judgment usually involves civil disputes among the general public. The interrelationships between the construction unit, the construction party and the residents should be properly handled, and if necessary, the government can be asked to intervene to negotiate and resolve conflicts.


Safety appraisal of many different houses

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