Do I need to perform a safety appraisal after the building is rebuilt?

Do I need to perform a safety appraisal after the building is rebuilt?

Building transformation into a restaurant, warehouse into an office, residential building into a school, and other building transformations are common building transformations nowadays, and house renovations have also become a trend in recent years.

However, even a simple renovation cannot be used immediately, and it must be used only after being qualified by a qualified testing and appraisal agency. So, what kind of safety appraisal is required after a house renovation?

First, be sure to conduct a house safety test

Using a series of testing instruments, equipment, tools, software and other technical means to test the appearance or internal physical and chemical properties of the raw materials of the building structure, and process, process and analyze the test data.

House safety appraisal is mainly through investigation, on-site testing, structural analysis and verification to assess the safety of the house. It is mainly applicable to houses that have found hidden dangers, signs of danger or other needs to assess the safety level. ).

Second, appraise the seismic level of the house.

Because the purpose of the house changes, the earthquake resistance level will also change. The original earthquake resistance may not be able to withstand the current functions of the house. The identification of the earthquake resistance level of a house is a process of evaluating the safety of the house under the action of a prescribed intensity earthquake by detecting the current status of the quality of the house and in accordance with the prescribed seismic fortification requirements. Finally, according to the assessment situation, the seismic classification of buildings and houses is divided.

Finally propose the reconstruction plan optimization and reinforcement suggestions

During the construction of the house, when the construction is suspended or during use, additional floors, interstitials, expansions, or a wide range of structural systems or changes in the use of functions, etc., are required to carry out a house safety appraisal and Seismic identification, comprehensive assessment of structural safety after reconstruction, and if necessary, suggestions for optimization measures for the reconstruction plan and strengthening measures for the original structure.


Do I need to perform a safety appraisal after the building is rebuilt?

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