Construction steel structure engineering inspection and identification matters needing attention
Construction steel structure engineering inspection and identification precautions: 1. Steel structure inspection can be divided into steel structure material performance, connection and structure, component size and deviation, deformation and damage and other tasks. Where necessary, a load test or a dynamic test of the structure's performance can be performed. 2.
What is the quality inspection unit of steel structure engineering
The steel structure engineering quality inspection unit, steel structure, as its name implies, is a type of structure produced and processed by using steel as the main raw material, which is a very important building type in the field of construction today. The construction type of steel structure is widely recognized by the construction industry for its lightness, high strength, and deformation resistance, which are unique to its steel material, and is increasingly used in various construction projects. The utilization rate of steel structure buildings in a country has become a symbol of the country's economic development level.
What testing is required for steel structure engineering?
What do I need to do for the engineering inspection of steel structures? Many friends are puzzled, here I will explain to you.Inspection of component size and flatness; inspection of component surface defects; inspection of connections (welding, bolting); inspection of steel corrosion; inspection of thickness of fire-resistant coatings.
Do I need to perform a safety appraisal after the building is rebuilt?
Building transformation into a restaurant, warehouse into an office, residential building into a school, and other building transformations are common building transformations nowadays, and house renovations have also become a trend in recent years.However, even a simple renovation cannot be used immediately, and it must be used only after being qualified by a qualified testing and appraisal agency. So, what kind of safety appraisal is required after a house renovation?
Safety appraisal of many different houses
With the rapid development of urban construction in our country, the judgment of the quality and safety of houses in China has also improved, but there are still many questions. The practice is not very operable and it is a phony, which has not caused the local government's attention. Therefore, strengthening the inspection and judgment of house quality and safety has become a practical issue. Let's witness the introduction of various types of house safety appraisal
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