Water immersion ultrasonic detector for forgings

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Water immersion ultrasonic detector for forgings


Water immersion ultrasound is a non-contact ultrasonic detection method in which a certain thickness of water layer is filled between the probe and the workpiece, and the sound wave passes through the water layer first, and then enters the test piece. Compared with direct contact ultrasound, it has the following advantages:

1. It can eliminate the uncontrollable factors in direct contact detection, and make the transmission and reception of sound waves more stable;

2. The requirements for the surface finish of the test piece are not high, the probe is not easy to wear, the coupling is stable, and the test results are repeatable;

3. The detection blind area can be reduced, so that thinner workpieces can be detected;

4. It is convenient to realize the focused sound beam detection to meet the needs of high sensitivity and high resolution detection;

5. It is easy to realize automatic detection and improve detection speed.

The water immersion ultrasonic detection system introduced by our company can realize automatic detection of pipes and plates.

Equipment introduction:

Model: ARIS-07

Manufacturer: UTEX Canada

Ultrasonic host: EU-14/8-channel high-speed digital ultrasound system

Equipment function: It can be used for water immersion ultrasonic testing of metal material forgings, bars and medium-sized titanium alloy pipes

Equipment capacity:

Bar specifications: length 3000mm; diameter Φ10~100mm bar; sensitivity: medium 0.8mm flat bottom hole equivalent;

Rectangular and round forging specifications: forgings with a side length of 1 100mm and a thickness of 220mm.

Sensitivity: rectangular and round forgings with thickness of 10~40mm: Φ0.4mm flat-bottomed hole equivalent; 40mm~220mm rectangular and round forgings: Φ0.8mm flat-bottomed hole equivalent;

Titanium alloy pipe specifications: diameter Φ10~500mm pipe: sensitivity Φ0.8mm flat bottom hole equivalent (longitudinal wave); 25mm (length) x 12.5% ​​wall thickness (deep) surface V-shaped groove.

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