Phased array

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Phased array


In recent years, ultrasonic phased array technology (PA) has attracted more and more attention due to its flexible sound beam deflection and focusing performance. Due to piezoelectric composite materials, nanosecond pulse signal control, data processing and analysis, software technology and Computer simulation and other high-tech applications in the field of ultrasonic phased array imaging. This enables the rapid development of ultrasonic phased array testing technology, and is gradually applied to industrial non-destructive testing. Compared with traditional pulse echo technology, it has the following obvious advantages:

1. Detect hard-to-reach parts;

2. Fast detection speed, stronger detection flexibility;

3. It can realize the detection of complex structural parts and blind spot position defects;

4. Through the local chip unit combination to control the sound field, high-speed electronic scanning can be realized, and high-speed, omnidirectional and multi-angle inspection of the test piece can be carried out.

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