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  Luoyang Weicheng Engineering Testing Co. Ltd., established in April 2013, with a registered capital of 10 million RMB Yuan, is a professional third-party non-destructive testing organization with military and civil projects integrated that takes technical services as its products. The company mainly serves for clients in military industry, petrochemical industry, petroleum-natural gas pipelines, pressurized containers, storage tanks, mechanical parts & components (casting and forge parts), raw material, etc. Its business involves petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgical, electrical, architectural, railroad, military industry, aerospace and aviation industry and other fields.

  For now, the company has not only obtained a series of certification including “Radiation Safety Permit”, “Qualification Certificate of Inspection and Testing Institution”, “Inspection and Testing Institution Approval Certificate of Special Equipment”, “ISO Certificate of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management System”, “Nadcap Qualification Certificate” , “AS9100D Quality Management System” , “Certificate of Military Equipment Quality Management System”, etc., but also got awarded numerous titles such as “Henan Advanced Unit in Quality and Credibility” , “Class-A Credibility Company in Taxes Payment”, “Luoyang Advanced SMEs in Specialization, Precision, Featurization, Innovation” , “National High-tech Enterprise” , “National Science and Technology SMEs” , “Luoyang Enterprises’ Technological Innovation Center”. What’s more, the company has entered Qualified Suppliers’ List of Sinopec, CNPC, CSIC, CASC, AVIC, NORINCO Group, Emerson, etc.


    The company now has 94 employees, which includes 46 personnel with junior college degree above, 3 personnel with senior engineer title, 24 personnel with intermediate engineer title, 5 personnel of 20 items with NDT senior certification for special equipment, 35 personnel of 74 items with NDT intermediate certification for special equipment, 2 personnel of 4 items with Nas410 senior certificate, 7 personnel of 9 items with Nas410 intermediate certificate, 9 personnel of 14 items with mechanical engineering society awarded NDT certificate, 1 personnel of 6 items with ASNT senior certificate, 10 personnel of 14 items with ASNT intermediate certificate, 14 personnel of 15 items with AVIC intermediate certificate, 3 personnel of 4 items with PA certificate, 6 personnel of 14 items with physical and chemical testing certificate, 3 personnel with Confidential Certificate of National Science and Technology Industry Department.

    The company’s equipment and resources: 10 radioactive sources (including 6 Ir192, 2 Co60, 2 Se75), 25 portable x-ray machines, 3 imported stationary x-ray flaw detector, 2 pipeline crawlers, 10 digital ultrasonic flaw detectors, 3 ultrasonic thickness gauges, 9 physical and chemical testing equipment, 1 alloy spectrum analyzer, 1 phase array detector, 1 fluorescent magnetic particle test line, 1 demagnetizer, 1 fluorescent penetration test line. The company is also equipped with 9 detection vehicles, 1 storage for γ-source and 6 standard ray transillumination rooms which all passed the environment assessment and acceptance check by Department of Environment Protection of Henan Province.

    In 2020, the company established a branch in Xi’an, mainly undertakes fluorescent magnetic and penetration testing businesses. The branch is equipped with: 1 CJST-1000 semi-auto program-controlled penetration test line, 1 CDG-6000 magnetic particle flaw detector, 1 CT-450 demagnetizer, 2 detection vehicles. The businesses involves shipping machinery industry, aviation power and brake system industry, satellite and its application, new energy, etc. The product tests involving fields of aerospace, aviation, navigation, petroleum machinery, etc.

    Adhering to quality policies “scientific, fair, objective and honest” since its founding, based on concepts of “Innovation, Solidarity, Pursuit for Excellence, Cooperation and Mutual Benefits”, we provide safe and professional detection technical services for clients.

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Luoyang Weicheng Engineering Inspection Co., Ltd.

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