Fluorescent penetrant testing

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Penetrant testing is widely used to detect the surface opening defects of non porous materials, such as metals, ceramics and plastics. It can also detect the defects with complex shapes at one time It is mainly used for the detection of cracks, white spots, looseness, inclusions and other defects without additional equipment. Portable canned penetrant is often used for on-site detection, including penetrant, cleaning agent and developer, which is convenient for on-site use.

Fluorescent penetrant testing

This flaw detection method uses penetrant containing fluorescent substances, and the penetrant retained in the defect after cleaning is adsorbed by the developer Irradiate with ultraviolet light source to make the fluorescent material produce visible light with long wavelength. Observe the irradiated workpiece surface in the dark room, and judge the size, position and shape of the defect through the displayed fluorescent image. Widely used in machinery, aerospace, military and other fields.



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